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One Year Ago Today

Bootleg Bucha opened out of a window in the Horsefeathers Building for their Winter Market on Saturday, November 7 2015. Our 300 square foot facility was just what we needed to get out of Heather & Jeff’s house and into the public eye. Over the last year we’ve met many great people, customers, vendors, employees, collaborators and friends. We’ve expanded a wee bit since then and will continue. Our goal is to provide a tasty, enjoyable, healthy option to our community and make kombucha a common term in Buffalo. We thank every person who has welcomed us and helped to champion a healthier Buffalo.

Below is a look at our facebook posts from that first day.

Celebrate with us on Small Business Saturday, November 26 from 5-9 at our facility. We’ll have live music, kombucha cocktails, kombucha floats and more.
To good health,



Now Available “You’re Fired Cider”

Yes, that is correct. You’re Fired Cider is our natural remedy, mostly known for its ability to prevent and short-cut cold and flu symptoms. This immune boosting remedy can also stimulate digestion. We start with organic apple cider vinegar, infuse it with fresh ginger, horseradish, garlic, onions, turmeric, orange juice and other cleansing devices. Take it as a shot, add it to your tea, or use it as salad dressing. The choices are endless; just like the health benefits. We suggest a serving of 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon once a day and up to 3x’s a day if you are feeling under the weather.

You’re Fired Cider is our version of “Fire Cider”, an herbal remedy created in the 1970’s by Rosemary Gladstar and made popular by hundreds of herbalists. Order your 4oz bottle today for $8.99 online or use our You’re Fired Cider Finder to find a retailer near you. Contact us for wholesale orders.


Natural remedy for all things wellness.

Natural remedy for all things wellness.


Save the Date, One Year Anniversary Party 11/26

Wow! What a year! It seems that just last week we were at Horsefeathers picking out paint colors & filling flip top bottles. It’s been quite the ride and we’d like you to join us in a celebration of kombucha in Buffalo. Join us on 11/26 to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, grand opening of 1250 Niagara and Small Business Saturday.

Expect live music and great kombucha collaborations with local food & drink producers. We’ve confirmed that 42 North, Thin Man, Flying Bison, Resurgence Brewing, Big Ditch, Community Beer Works, Black Squirrel, Buffalo Distilling, Lockhouse Distillery & Sweet Melody’s will participate in a kombucha cocktail competition with more to be announced shortly.

  • Saturday, November 26, 2016 5pm – cows come home
    1250 Niagara Street
    Buffalo, NY  14213
  • Live music by Bill Smith of Ten Cent Howl (and friends)
  • Kombucha Cocktail Collaboration
  • Kombucha floats
  • Local food
  • and more…

Stay tuned as we will announce more in the near future.


Anniversary Competition:
Create a local food or drink utilizing our kombucha as a main component. Think shandy, cocktail, float and more. This is open to all local food and beverage producers, if your product works well with kombucha, we’d love you to participate. For more details, give me a call at (716) 768-8302.

Submit your entry for the Kombucha Cocktail Collaboration here.



It’s a 12 Pack Jack

Have you caught the kombucha kick? Is every flavor your favorite? Introducing 12 Pack Jack, our variety 12 pack allows you to pick the flavors right out of our cooler. How does 2 blueberry lavender, 2 tart cherry mint, 1 ginger & 7 hibiscus lime sound? Or maybe 4 apple spice, 2 pomegranate, 2 original, 1 blueberry lavender and 3 ginger? Whatever the combination you choose, you save when you buy our 12 Pack Jack — and it even comes with it’s own reusable cardboard carrying case.

Stop in, sample our flavors and create your own perfect 12 Pack Jack. Now only $39.99 (save $8.01 or 17%) and only available at 1250 Niagara Street, Buffalove, NY 14213.

Remember to drink local and drink healthy.




In the news

We’ve been in the media a bit lately so we thought we’d compile an area online that will link to and archive some of the coverage from Buffalo Rising, Buffalo Spree, Kiss 98.5, WGRZ, WBFO, NY Times & more.


Bootleg Bucha Finder

Wow! Thanks for the Buffalove everyone. As you may have read, we are in the midst of a major expansion. Our product is now on shelves from Dunkirk to Batavia, Niagara Falls to East Aurora and many more coming soon. To help you find our kombucha at a location most convienent, we’ve added a Bootleg Bucha finder on our website. It’s an interactive map of all of every location serving our bucha and can be found on our website under About Us in the menu.
Stay tuned, we’ve got more good news coming soon.


New Hours, Labels & Locations!!!

Yes, we have extended retail hours, new labels and you’ll now find our bucha in more locations (insert high five emoticon here, seriously). As you’ll see, our retail hours at 1250 Niagara Street are below and we hope to see you soon.

  • Tuesday 11-5
  • Wednesday 11-7
  • Thursday 11-7
  • Friday 11-7
  • Saturday 11-5
  • Sunday 11-3

Skipping new labels for a second, we have new locations providing our product. In addition to Farmers & Artisans & Washington Market, you’ll notice that Lexington Co-Op is carrying 5 flavors (ginger, hibiscus lime, tart cherry mint, pomegranate & blueberry lavender). Heather, Jeff & I are now happy to carry the title of member/owner, customer & vendor at the Co-Op. In addition, you’ll soon start seeing your favorite local bucha at many Tops Friendly Markets. We already stocked the shelves in East Aurora and will have samples at the Taste of East Aurora (in the Tops tent). More stores will follow shortly.

Back to labels, they are rolling out concurrently. We made it 10 months handwriting and now it’s time for pre-printed labels with barcodes, ingredients and nutrition information. Our 12oz bottles (grab & go) are first to get the face lift, the rest will follow shortly.

Time to get back to bottling, we’ll see you soon and thank you so much for your support!



New Facility, More Kombucha

How was your summer vacation? We spent ours expanding into a new facility that will make kombucha a commonplace in WNY. Our new facility at 1250 Niagara Street is 4x’s the size of our previous location and has been designed specifically for kombucha production. You’ll get the same service that you have come to expect with some new additions such as grab & go 12 & 32oz bottles, high speed wifi and expanded seating. Stop by, say hello and of course, grab some bucha.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Local Flavor

From the beginning, we have taken pride in sourcing our brewing and raw materials from local purveyors. From our original 28oz flip top bottles (Kegworks) to our whole hops (Niagara Traditions), tart cherry juice (Singer Farms), bagels & pretzels (BreadHive), fruit sauce’s & butter (Blackman Farms) and print materials (Marketing Tech), they come locally. We also want to be clear that not everything is sourced locally, but we try as hard as we can. Upwards of 4 times more capital recirculates in the local economy when we buy from locally owned and independently operated companies rather than chains, creating jobs, strengthening communities, and fostering a self-determined and democratic local economy.

With all of that said, we will be identifying the locally sourced products on our menu board with a LF (local flavor).
For more information on supporting the local economy visit Buffalo First! and BALLE. It’s important to us and we’d like to help make it important to you.



Science Behind Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that originated in East Asia over 2,000 years ago. It was known for healing properties and called the tea of immortality.

Our kombucha is made with a special blend of green and black teas. The tea is brewed, organic evaporated cane sugar is added to feed the bacteria and then a SCOBY or Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast is added to initiate the fermentation process. After a few weeks the fermented tea is flavored and undergoes a secondary fermentation process. The result is a healthy, lightly carbonated beverage that is slightly tart, and full of probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin B, amino acids and antioxidants.

The benefits of drinking kombucha include:

Digestive– Good for ulcers, heartburn, and overall digestion due to beneficial bacteria from probiotics.
Joint Care– Contains Glucosamine, which increases synovial hyaluronic acid production. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the lubrication and flexibility in joints. Also supports healthy collagen production.
Detoxification– Glucuronic acid is beneficial to the liver, it binds toxins and helps to excrete them.
Energy– Includes B vitamins that increase energy, while acetic acid and polyphenols boost the metabolism.

Daily intake of kombucha is recommended to begin at 6-8 ounces a day, either in the morning or after a meal throughout your day. As you begin to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of kombucha, it’s recommended that you continue to drink plenty of water to help flush your system. As your body and digestive system start to function at a more balanced level, you can increase the consumption of kombucha as much as you like. One of the great features of this beverage, is that it not only has fantastic health benefits but tastes amazing too!

For further explanation on the science of kombucha, we found this site to be very helpful.

Buffalo based, Bootleg Bucha is the only kombucha brewery in Upstate NY. We are really excited to share our passion for brewing and to bring this healthy, small batch product to the people of Western New York.
Stop by and talk to us!

❤ Heather, Jeff & Todd
364 Connecticut St Buffalo, NY 14213