Extended Hours*


Extended Hours*

We have extended our retail hours again. We are open Monday 10-3, Wednesday 10-6 and Saturday 10-3. In addition to the largest variety of fresh, local kombucha, we’ll be offering gift certificates and kombucha shares interested. Can’t make it in? You can also order online.

We’ll see you this week at 346 Connecticut Street, Buffalove, NY.


*Note: Hours have changed since this original post. See the footer of every page for the latest hours.

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Todd subscriber

Todd has been drinking kombucha since 2011 to overcome digestive issues. A frequent traveler, he's always on the lookout for new flavors of local kombucha. After a trip to Portland, OR in 2013, he fell in love with kombucha on tap in co-ops, bars and coffee shops and decided to bring it back to Buffalo. After a chance conversation with Jeff & Heather, the rest is history (or will be soon).

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CJPosted on  6:03 pm - Dec 30, 2015

I’m soooo excited about this. I just discovered kombucha and fell in love with it. So knowing that I can get it locally home made!! Hooray!! See you soon! CJ

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