Introducing Bonus Hours


Introducing Bonus Hours

What are bonus hours?*

They are our way of giving our customer extra opportunities to get some of our Buffalo kombucha. As you know, we just opened our doors in November and started with Saturday only hours. We’ve added consistent Monday 10-3, Wednesday 10-6 to our Saturday 10-3. We expand our availability even more with bonus hours on Friday & Sunday (and sometimes more). These hours aren’t guaranteed and they are not consistent, hence the term bonus.

We only announce our bonus hours on facebook, instagram & twitter, so make sure you give us a follow.

We’ll see you soon.

*Note: Hours have changed since this original post. See the footer of every page for the latest hours.

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Todd subscriber

Todd has been drinking kombucha since 2011 to overcome digestive issues. A frequent traveler, he's always on the lookout for new flavors of local kombucha. After a trip to Portland, OR in 2013, he fell in love with kombucha on tap in co-ops, bars and coffee shops and decided to bring it back to Buffalo. After a chance conversation with Jeff & Heather, the rest is history (or will be soon).

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Robin OlkowskiPosted on  2:34 pm - Feb 8, 2016

I sent my husband to Horsefeather today Monday February 8th around 12:30 to get a refill. When he arrived at your location the whole building was locked up. According to your web site and the information I received from one of your employees you are open on Mondays. Did your hours change? Is there another location I can go to. I am very disappointed on trying to get your product as I have been out for little over a week. Any help would be much appreciated.

HeatherPosted on  4:51 pm - Feb 8, 2016

Robin, I apologize for the confusion.. We did change our store hours and updated them on the website over the weekend. They may not have been viewable until today.. That was probably too short of notice for you guys to catch. We are now open Wednesday through Sunday as we look get more coinsistencey for our customers and increase our production output. I would be glad to make a delivery of Kombucha for you this evening, since you went out of your way and we weren’t open. You can email me directly at and we can arrange to get you some delicious kombucha asap! Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this afternoon.

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