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This is our first attempt at doing live interviews with people that we feel can spread the good word about living healthful lifestyles. I think you may recognize our first interviewee, Tom Brady.

Bootleg: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to us. 

Tom: Of course, I’m happy to be here, I love the city of Buffalo, the fluctuations of weather and such.

Bootleg: You are known for being very active, can you tell me about how you started to focus on eating and drinking right?

Tom: I’ve always been very active, I enjoy doing many physical things and I’d like to make sure my body and mind are working together. To the point that I’ve made it my career as a certified personal trainer.

Bootleg: And what do you consume on a daily basis?

Tom: I like a variety, I typically eat nutrition dense, medium protein foods. I try to stay away from artificial food products and stick to eating real food. I take a hands on approach as I prepare much of what I consume, including kombucha, which is part of the reason I applied to work here.

Bootleg: Other than the obvious, how to do keep so fit? Weightlifting? Treadmill? Yoga?
Tom: So, what I do is called movnat, which is a teaching system for natural movement skills. In laymen terms, teaching basic skills of locomotion, movement through complex environments, and manipulations of objects, ie lifting, throwing, catching, running. Sometimes my workout will have weightlifting, a traditional barbell or dumbbell- or it could be a non-traditional object like a sandbag or a few kegs of Bootleg Bucha.

Bootleg: Tell us about Bootleg Bucha, you’ve been with us since September.

Tom: Because of my interest in making kombucha and homebrewing, I thought it’d be interesting to learn the ins and outs of production for the mass population. I’m really happy with my choice, it’s a small tight knit group of coworkers who all work hard to get the job done, but we still get to have a good time and have fun. I get to try all of the new flavors first and having access is a nice perk.

Bootleg: You’ve got a job that many people dream about, can you tell me more about what keeps you focused?

Tom: Just that we are making a product here that gives people a smart alternative, much better than a soda, and that reaches many people from diverse backgrounds. Thousands of bottles are consumed daily and I think that is real cool, I’m proud to be a part of that.

Bootleg: People keep asking, do you have a prediction for the game on Sunday?

Tom: Honestly no, the way the Bills have been playing, we don’t know if the Bills will pull something out and have an upset or the crowd will go home early. It’s hard to tell.