Healthy Kombucha Cocktails

Looking for new cocktail ideas, try a kombucha cocktail and you’ll find yourself doing a real ‘cheers to health’. Kombucha adds a unique twist to familiar favorites without all of the post beverage side effects. You can make these at home or request them at a local watering hole. Some of our favorites are below:

  1. Hurricane- It’s Mardi Gras season! Start with 4 oz of Bootleg Bucha hurricane kombucha, 1.5 oz of dark rum, splash of grenadine, crushed ice garnished with a maraschino cherry.
  2. West Side Mule- It’s our take on the moscow mule and is best served in a copper cup. Ice, muddled lime, Bootleg Bucha Ginger kombucha and vodka. And no, they don’t drink Moscow mules in Moscow or any part of Russia, we tried.
  3. Ginberry- Ice, Bootleg Bucha blueberry lavender kombucha, splash of lemon and gin.
  4. Bootleg Blend- Pour a half glass of your favorite Bootleg Bucha kombucha in a glass and finish with beer. Try Hibiscus Lime, Citra Hop or Pomegranate with a wit, pale ale, lager or IPA. Tart Cherry Mint is great with stouts, porters and heavier beers.
  5. Hibiscus Lime Margarita- Salt rim of glass, add a quarter scoop of ice, six ounces of Bootleg Bucha Hibiscus Lime, two shots of tequila, slice of lime and stir.
  6. Bucha Spritzer- 2 parts pinot grigio, 1 part Bootleg Bucha (experiment with flavors), add a squeeze of lemon & few ice cubes.
  7. Bucha Mimosa- Blueberry Lavender Kombucha (experiment with other flavors) and champagne or prosecco. Drop a few whole blueberries to garnish. Brunch is back- and healthy!
  8. Pina Colada- This is our summer seasonal release that is cocktail ready. Just add ice, rum and you are immediately transported to a beach.

This is just a few of our favorite kombucha cocktails, experiment with your own recipes and let us know.