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From the beginning, we have taken pride in sourcing our brewing and raw materials from local purveyors. From our original 28oz flip top bottles (Kegworks) to our whole hops (Niagara Traditions), tart cherry juice (Singer Farms), bagels & pretzels (BreadHive), fruit sauce’s & butter (Blackman Farms) and print materials (Marketing Tech), they come locally. We also want to be clear that not everything is sourced locally, but we try as hard as we can. Upwards of 4 times more capital recirculates in the local economy when we buy from locally owned and independently operated companies rather than chains, creating jobs, strengthening communities, and fostering a self-determined and democratic local economy.

With all of that said, we will be identifying the locally sourced products on our menu board with a LF (local flavor).
For more information on supporting the local economy visit Buffalo First! and BALLE. It’s important to us and we’d like to help make it important to you.