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Give the gift of healthy this holiday season with these special items from Bootleg Bucha. Order online or at 1250 Niagara Street. Please note that our retail store will be closed on 12/24 & 12/25 so we can do our own last minute shopping spend time with our family.

  1. Kombucha Share ($106+tax)
    This is the best way to drink healthy cost effectively and often. Prepay for 14 kombucha fills and save over $29 off our retail price. We’ll give you a brand new 32 ounce bottle to fill as often as you’d like.
  2. Bag of Bucha ($41+tax)
    Purchase two 32 ounce bottles of bucha, a t-shirt and we’ll throw in a branded Bootleg Bucha reusable canvas bag.
  3. Gift Certificates (any denomination)
    Order a gift certificate in any denomination, we’ll even calculate a specific purchase for you in advance (12 Pack Jack is $43.49 after tax).
  4. Six Pack of 32’s ($54+tax)
    Grab a six pack of healthy. Prefill each bottle or let that lucky someone choose the flavor themselves. This comes with a black reusable bag to carry your gifts. Perfect for an individual or couple.
  5. You’re Fired Cider ($8.99 or $14.99+tax)
    You’re Fired Cider is our natural remedy, mostly known for its ability to prevent and short-cut cold and flu symptoms. This immune boosting remedy can also stimulate digestion. The 4 & 8 ounce bottles make for a great stocking stuffer and can be left at room temperature until opened.
  6. 12 Pack Jack ($39.99+tax)
    Mix and match your favorite flavors of our 12 ounce bottles to make your very own 12 Pack Jack. Give as a gift or simply bring to the party to share with friends and family. It great for digesting fruit cake, chip dip, ginger bread men and more. Only available at 1250 Niagara or by gift certificate.

Interested in kombucha cocktails, try these recipes with your family & friends. Happy holidays from all of us at Bootleg Bucha!